Construction Management

Constructing a retail, industrial, office space, mixed use, or any other commercial building is a complex process. It involves the coordinated efforts of many different people including owners, design team members, contractors, manufacturers, consultants, financial services companies, etc.

  • Plus, there are typically many unforeseen obstacles and changes that occur during the life span of the project which can lead to cost overruns, missed scheduled deadlines, resulting in frustration and higher project cost.
  • Effective construction management and contract administration are the key ingredients that assure that your construction project is managed properly, and that all the parties engaged in the project are in sync with each other to keep the project moving forward and to achieve the desired results. Sound construction management is also critical to assuring that changes are handled effectively, efficiently and accurately.
  • CatCord Construction employs strict disciplines within its construction management practices, thereby providing owners and team members with “peace of mind” and confidence that the job is being managed properly.

1_design_spec copyDesign Build

Design-build is a Project Delivery System used in the construction industry. It consists of a procedure to deliver a project where, Catcord Construction contracts the design and construction aspects to centralize liability and. This system is used to minimize the project risks for the project owner and reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of the project. In the Design Build process Catcord is the single point of responsibility and carries the clearest contractual remedies for the clients because we will be responsible for all of the work on the project, regardless of the nature of the fault”


Value engineering refers to a methodology that assures that a construction project can be completed in a manner that optimizes efficiency and cost, while maintaining the integrity of the desired design specifications. In short, enhancing the value of a construction project at the lowest possible cost.

  • CatCord’s approach to value engineering starts by conducting due diligence with respect to design specifications, and then interviewing all of the key project team members to assure that all viewpoints are considered prior to making formal recommendations.


Accurately estimating a project’s costs is a critical, yet often overlooked step in many construction projects. Many estimates are merely “guesstimates” done haphazardly or without factual or up-to-date information. In today’s global economy, material prices are constantly changing and factors including environment, economics and political / current events can have a profound effect on the pricing used to estimate a construction project.

  • For example, recent spikes in global energy costs can have a dramatic impact on the cost of delivery of materials plus costs for general conditions and overhead associated with managing your construction project.
  • Mindful of these factors, CatCord’s estimating professionals are routinely and fully educated in these areas. The result is more accurate estimates and a “no surprises” approach to job costing methods.
  • CatCord’s estimating services can be performed at any stage along the construction project including conceptual, feasibility, schematic, pre-construction, during construction and during claims analysis.

General Contracting

Our extensive capabilities enable us to offer our clients a complete range of construction services. Whether we provide our services as a general contractor and/or project manager, our focus is working in a partnership with our clients. When overseeing the bidding process and executing the project, it is our role to drive value, both in terms of our initial bid and by controlling the project to minimize change orders. For our clients projects we will assemble a dedicated team of professionals to meet each projects requirements. CATCORD will coordinate, supervise and execute the construction work to assure that the project is completed within budget, on schedule and that the project site is safe.

Throughout our involvement in this industry, we have been successful in retaining the services of highly skilled tradesmen and a long established network of high quality subcontractors who have added to our success in delivering quality work as a general contractor.

CATCORD is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations through a proactive and progressive approach to every project. We deliver value through meticulous scheduling ,planning and strong plan execution.

Scheduling Services

Scheduling techniques and tactics vary from one project to the next. CatCord’s professional team of Schedulers develop a deep understanding of each construction project they work on by closely examining every facet of the scope of work and design specifications of your project.

Combining state-of-the-art technology tools along with decades of experience, CatCord’s schedulers can create a range of professionally designed schedules including CPM (Critical Path Method) Schedules.

Claims Analysis

Construction claims are fact of life in the construction industry. When claims do arise, CatCord can partner with owners, financiers, or other project team members to assess a projects status and deliver a comprehensive analysis and recommended solutions report. Our expertise spans several decades in this area, and will provide an accurate and honest interpretation of how a claim might be settled to the satisfaction of all parties.